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My dad didn't like the new Godzilla, but....

On opening night I decided to check out Godzilla: King of the Monsters, sight unseen and without much in the way of reviews/no feedback from friends yet, and invited my dad along with. I basically liked it, but thought it had some issues (I enjoyed half the human cast but they made a 'dad plot' central again, just like the first. The monster part was good, the world setting was interesting, and Mothra was awesome). Flipside, my dad didn't, finding it too dark- visually as much as anything.

Buuut seeing it did get him interested to revisit some of the old Godzilla movies with me! He's almost certainly seen some in the past but when I was super-young so he didn't remember much besides the names of the major monsters.

So over the weekend I watched both Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster and Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla with him, curated to pick the ones with good human plots.

Best part? I managed to hide the title with Mechagodzilla, so the twist got him by surprise ^^

Both got thumbs up from him, with Mechagodzilla getting the small nod as his fav of the two.

For my rankings of G:KotM, I find I like the other recent Kaiju movies I've watched more (Pacific Rim Uprising, Rampage), but it is a lot more memorable than the first one. C+, out of kaiju movies. It's better than a number I can think of, but doesn't go in the upper ranks to me. Could go up or down with time- and I am looking forward to Godzilla vs Kong, so there's that.

Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla are A and A+ respectively, being two of the best Showa Godzillas ^^
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