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Interventioncon 2014 Report

I am back from Intervention webcomic con 2014!

Well, as always, Intervention is a well-run, fun con.

I stayed for all three days, beginning to end, and kept entertained throughout. I had sorta a weird mix of feeling a lot of the webcomic people were 'the usual suspects' who were at the prior Interventions, but on the flip side I bought more webcomic books and stuff than ever before, so, more minor ones. I think the webcomic panelage wasn't quite as good (or, I should say, as *fresh*, the ones I went to are good but I skipped over some because I saw the same people on the topics in prior years), because it was the usual suspects to me (and of the usuals, Shaenon Garrity wasn't there- for very obvious reasons of a newborn! She tends to do creative panels so I'm hoping she'll be back next year). That said, I saw plenty of other good panels in addition to the webcomic ones, and I hit some I'd never checked before, like a talent show (heard a very good raunchy folk ballad on acoustic guitar). One interesting one was about My Little Pony, but largely talking about why Hasbro does what it does in respects to fans, toys, etc., as well as things like similaries between shows and fandoms (original Star Trek and it's habit of keeping extras in the same uniforms and jobs was used in comparison to the reoccurring background ponies)- and since it was at the end of the day with no panels after they kept talking for the next 20 minutes, and after *that* I talked to some of the panelists longer about different conventions and stuff. A lot of the other panels were behind-the-scenes, how-to-do X stuff (X being podcasts, independent films, blogs, etc.), which sound useful if you're interested but aren't my thing. I think next time I may scale things back to just hitting the main day, largely due to the usual-suspect factor.

Late Friday I went to an after-hours party, which for me largely consisted of getting into a 45 minute conversation about the quality of writing in SF shows, arc based vs episodic, JMS's quality of a writer, and how TV/Movie people often have trouble making the transition to the comic book medium. It was that kind of crowd ^^

Game room wise, the video game room was a step up, with more games than in the past, adding a few more retro-retro games, as well as some fighters (Primal Rage, Mortal Kombat) and a light gun game, two categories that were missing last time (it is, after all, not primarily a VG con). Played 2-player in a couple retro games like Tron and Space Invaders and Astroids with a guy called 'Skull.' He did better in all three, but I found I really enjoy Tron, and played it a fair amount. They also had the X-men Arcade game there, but it was set to give way too many lives on a 'coin' press (pressing a button substituted for putting in a coin)- 60 each. And if more characters are active than players, the screen won't scroll until they all move... so it could get bogged down. Anyway, just one game that.

Conventional game room was fun. I played an enjoyable game of Revolution!, a fun and strait-forward game I recommend checking out! I also played a few rounds of some Star Wars/X-wing miniature game. I got my butt kicked all three times, but in large part because I knowingly picked a fighter that really was more suited to larger fights rather than one-on-one (TIE Phantom. Sure, I can cloak and evade... but the enemy didn't have any bigger distractions to worry about so eventually it came to a gunfight).

Dealer's room, like I said, got a lot of books! Both from regulars who had new stuff, and some new ones- like Validation, about a transsexual woman. And funnily, I didn't even know until after I bought it ^^ Just, 'hm, this looks kinda cool, might as well...', then after starting it, 'oh hey, now I'm REALLY interested! This is good stuff!' (to which I told the author). Also a fun sonic joke comic, the latest issue of Star Power, a Suburban Jungle comic, the latest from the writer of Sticky Wicket, a mystery comic that I haven't yet started reading, an autobiographical humor comic that I similarly haven't started, and a mecha comic... anyway, good haul. Lots of new people who did non-comic web stuff or of minor comics.

Picked up a 'cinematic for the people' (I.e. MST3k type group) episode, 'Monster from the Prehistoric Planet'. I love kaiju ^^

Got a few commissions too- Two of Veriscens, one of Zero, one Kidd, and a pair of Rainbow Feather (human version) picks. Mostly from one artist who does fairly cheap sketches (as well as sells prints of her ink work, which she doesn't draw at cons- and was some seriously interesting stuff! Like, a cat skeleton with buildings on it and a waterfall coming from the mouth... weirdness). Anyway, good art too.

Food, I went to the nearby Pizza CS twice. I wish they'd open a location near here ^^ On day 1 I recommended it to someone, and then when I went there I bumped into them and they thanked me for the recommendion :)

Anyway, organization-quality was A, fun-factor was maybe B+. I hope next time they have more fresh webcomic-faces doing new panels, just for variety's sake, but I've never not enjoyed an Intervention con.
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