Pacific Rim: The Black

As you know I'm a big kaiju fan, and I'm especially a big Pacific Rim fan.

So what did I think of Netflix's new anime, Pacific Rim The Black?

Loved it. Binged the whole thing (7 episodes) in one sitting. The characters are strong and it builds on the worldbuilding of the movies. Solid action. Warning, it gets pretty dark at times! It had not one but a couple twists I did not see coming, which is great.

If you're a pacific rim fan (and maybe if not?) I quite recommend.

Also sidenote, I do hope/expect it'll also cause people to revise upwards their views of Uprising by viewing it in a wider context than comparing the cinematography to GDT's. I've already seen one fan who'd only seen the first, then the series, then Uprising, love Uprising.

Kaiju Kaiju Kaiju

I watched a really well-made, beautiful short Kaiju film Howl from Beyond the Fog. It was done using puppetry and it's this really atmospheric, well-made piece.

As-of this point I've probably seen something like 90% of all kaiju movies, and it's fun to still run into gems


Wow, I really haven't posted here in awhile? Quick stuff- I had good holidays, been staying covid free. Hope all of you are doing alright!

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

I have watched the beast from 20,000 fathoms! And now I wish to talk about it

I can really see why others built on this to make the kaiju genre, but flipside, I can't recommend it too much aside from the historical value.

The monster, Rhedosaurus, is cool and has great Harryhousen effects.

The plot is very standard monster fair- I doubt it made the formula even, but you know the drill. 'See monster, deal with people doubting it's real, people admit it when evidence mounts up, fight monster.'

They had the poison blood gimmick, but introduced it way too late in, after the rampage and before only the final fight, so it didn't present a problem for very long before they had a solution.
The setpieces, though? Very cool. Great NYC rampage, and 'final inside a burning rollercoaster' was a great visual- With the irony that lighting the rollercoaster on fire wasn't even part of the plan.

Some of the extras, especially the police officers/soldiers firing at the monster, seem insufficiently worried about the gigantic dinosaur rampaging around. I wonder how much of that was due to lack of knowing what a giant monster was like!- most of the extras were good though.

If you want to see a really good old monster movie, Kong or Godzilla are better. If you want to see the spark that lead to Godzilla, it's worth a look.

As a monster movie I only give it maybe a C-. There's a lot better there and the plot is very formula. It's better than a bad monster movie, it's well made enough, but there's not going to be anything you haven't seen before.

I've also heard people say the Tristar '98 Godzilla resembles a remake of Beast more than a G movie, and that's definitely true. Some differences but in both appearance and story structure (including both somehow losing the monsters inside NYC at one point) there's strong similarities. Rethink G98 as a modern take on Beast and it helps G98 come off better.

Entering Self-Isolation Procedures!

Due to the virus, I and my family have decided to self-isolate to reduce the chance of becoming vectors.

We're stocked up, prepared, and ready to ride things out.

Also, do you know what we figured out isn't a problem doing? *Going to the park*. Because there's no-one there!

So we're going to continue to do activities, just the most virus-safe ones we can think of!

My Dad wrote a SF story 20 years ago

20 years ago, my dad wrote a story on what train dispatching would be like in 20 years.

I found it pretty fun, so I thought I'd share and asked him to send it to me, so here it is!

Attached below is a short story entitled "2020 Dispatching", a fictional account written in the year 2000 predicting what train dispatching might have, could have been like twenty years later. It was published as a sidebar in the Federal Railroad Administration's Five-Year Strategic Plan for Railroad Research, Development, and Demonstrations, March 2002. The authors of the short story were, in retrospect, excessively optimistic about how train dispatching would change over two decades. Perhaps the title of the story should be changed to "2050 Dispatching".

I hope you find it of interest.

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Ramen Fire

Approximately 12 days ago, a new Ramen restaurant opened at the local shopping center. As in legit 'buncha ingredients, a full meal, with a variety of styles,' ramen, not the instant kind.

Approximately 3 days ago, there was a fire in the shopping center, a number of stores suffered smoke/water damage, and the powers still out. The ramen store and the laundry next to it are the two most likely starting points.



In the vein of the last post, I did another DIY project, filling up something else.

"Hm, this one says I shouldn't get it on my skin..."
Dad: "We have some rubber gloves."
Me: (Knowing they're kitchen, not disposable, gloves) "I don't want to mess up any good ones..."
Dad: "These are on the way out anyway."
Me: "Alright."

*Does DIY project*

*Pulls off gloves at finish- two fingers break off*

Me: "These really were on the way out!"

I have no idea how they got that way but the rubber just snapped off ^^