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25th November 2016

11:08pm: Just Saw Moana
Saw the movie, very much loved it! Disney Animated continues to hit it out of the park, and the songs especially were fantastic- stronger than Frozen in the musical department. No single one is the 'earworm song,' there was just consistently great music.

It's got a much smaller cast than most, and I'm surprised how well that worked.

I enjoyed the end a lot.

I also like the effort they put into capturing the culture, and even hiring Polynesian voice actors- only one of the characters had a white actor, Hei Hei the Chicken, because Alan Tudyk ^^

Disney Animated continues to hit it out of the park. Even among their recent hits, I think this is one of the better ones. It's still fresh enough that it's hard for me to figure exactly where it goes in my personal ranking, but well up there! Which is impressive since I've loved every Disney animated movie since Wreck it Ralph.

I think I'll give it an A+

20th November 2016

3:11am: Wingsuit races!
Oh my blog, there exists *wingsuit races*!

As in, 'jump from an airplane, with a parachute, but also a suit with big flaps between the limbs that you steer with'.

And they have colored smoke as they fall so you can see their course! And they *bump into each other* while falling! And they fly around mid-air gates! (I think they're held their by drones?)

18th November 2016

9:55pm: Random sports
I like watching random, less-common sports on TV.

It's relaxing to see people compete in something I rarely see- like darts (which is on now), or whatever

14th November 2016

8:55pm: What to talk about...
It feels like all I've posted recently is me-driving updates and post-election vibes/support.... I'm not sure what else to post though....

Have any questions about, well, anything?

12th November 2016

6:20pm: Driving thoughts
Still getting in driving practice, doing pretty well- And noticing how my driving priorities are like 180 most people's at this point ^^

"Don't go this road, there's a ton of traffic. If you just pull off here and take these side turns..."

"Traffic? That's nice and easy... sideroads? That's *three* 'is this the right road?' decision points without stoplights! Ahhh!"

11th November 2016

9:50pm: Vibes hut
I hearby declare this post a 'vibes hut'.

If you need positive vibes or virtual hugs in the wake of the election, you can come here and get them, any time, standing offer.
6:36pm: The accuracy of the Dinosaurs at the Crystal Palace
You may or may not have seen pictures or videos of the old dinosaur sculptures at the Crystal Palace, horribly outdated by today's standards and often shown to demonstrate what people used to *think* they looked like.

This article goes into the meticulous detail that went into them by people who understood how animals work, and how they were probably more accurate-to-science-of-the-time than renditions we get nowadays. Knowledge may have marched on, but these sculptures are still impressive and should be respected for that.

8th November 2016

11:31am: Voting day guide
I'm going to the National Mall (Smithsonians) to distract me for the day. I've voted Hillary and I hope you are/have/whatever too, but a day of waiting around the computer waiting for results is too much ^^

Voter Guide to where I'm moving based on who wins:

If Trump wins I'm moving to Canada.

If Jill Stein wins I'm moving to Mexico.

If Gary Johnsom wins, I'm moving to France.

If Hillary wins, I'm staying right here happily.

If Obama gets a third term, I'm moving to Hawai'i.

6th November 2016

9:44pm: [Rugby] Ireland beats the New Zealand All-Blacks after 111 years
Ireland clinch first ever win over All Blacks to end New Zealand's record streak

"In a week where the Chicago Cubs finally put the curse of the Billy Goat to bed, there was no shortage of people here who thought Ireland were about to do something similar with the monkey on their back. In Ireland’s case that creature is all black, for New Zealand are the only team they had played but never beaten. This confidence was based not on anything as tangible as form, rather on the unique atmosphere that has gripped this city since the Cubs’ World Series win on Wednesday night. The question was not why, but why not?"

Another fun bit of sports news :) 111 years without a win in this matchup, and they get their first! Article has a nice rundown of play, it was a good game to boot.

4th November 2016

5:36pm: My song on loop:

"Ne'er gonna be president now!"

Early voting says Hillary all but has Nevada

Clinton Campaign says more Latinos have voted in Florida *so far* than in all of the 2012 election

And, wait for it, DNC reported to the FBI that it's office may have been bugged and *aside* from that The FBI had been leaking information to Rudy Giuliani for some scandals to knock the wind out of attempts to hit the e-mail thing to boot.

Ne'er gonna be President now!

3rd November 2016

10:03pm: 2016 is weird
Ok, so the US presidential election. Pretty weird!

The Cubs won! 108 year streak, good weird!

South Korea's President Turned out to be under the, no fooling, sway of a Cult Leader

Making her the second least popular president of a major country, riiiight behind Hollande of France, who managed to destroy himself with a book insulting... well, just about everybody.

But hey, the Cubs won ^^
12:56am: Election Reassurance
Remember, if you're getting stressed on the election:

Don't worry.

I am voting.

30th October 2016

8:46pm: Oxford Researcher calculates how long a conspiracy can last
Dr David Robert Grimes of Oxford works to answer the question, 'if a conspiracy like that existing, wouldn't it just out itself anyway?'

"In each case, the number of conspirators and the time before the conspiracy was revealed were over-estimated to ensure that the odds of a leak happening were a 'best case scenario' for the conspirators - around a four in one million chance of deliberate or accidental exposure."

"Using the equation, Dr Grimes calculated that hoax moon landings would have been revealed in 3 years 8 months, a climate change fraud in 3 years 9 months, a vaccination conspiracy in 3 years 2 months, and a suppressed Cancer cure in 3 years 3 months. In simple terms, any one of the four conspiracies would have been exposed long before now."

Read more...Collapse )
8:19pm: This election feels like the bad parts of pokemon go....
I think I mentioned I quit pokemon go at one point because it was addictive and I was missing *relax* time in favor of playing, which is no fun (and since then I've gotten back in... but really need to get out again! Though I haven't been going as all-in as before).

I feel that way about election coverage now. I'm not getting anything from it, there's no real reward, but it's hard to not check, and it's everywhere. We really do need shorter election seasons.

The sooner election day comes so I can vote Hillary (with gusto!), the better!
5:15pm: The little things
I just found a lamp to put in the corner of my computer room, lighting up the corner.

It's amazing what a different a little light (or other change!) can make, isn't it?

27th October 2016

5:40pm: Crunch
Near my house is a road with a stone bridge over it.

Trucks are not supposed to go in this road, because they're likely to hit said stone bridge (also to reduce wear on the road, but anyway).

Occasionally we hear of people who do so anyway.

This is the first time I was there when it happened!

Crunching noises, look over, see the damage as it keeps going.

Budget rental truck, it's roof got messed up.

19th October 2016

8:19am: 10 unusual mythological monsters
10 Awesome and Unusual Mythological Creatures

Monsters! Found this article, and I'm always in for lesser-known creatures of myth and folklore.

Got any you want to share?

18th October 2016

2:56pm: Driving chronicles
And from first 'drive to someplace,' the next day I take a trip to the bookstore, i.e. 'drive to someplace notably farther away, though town!'

Which honestly was a bit ambitious- I found one of the merges really stressful, in part because it was on a curve- but hey, taking a big leap means that now I don't feel like I'm inching forward and now town stops should feel more comfortable and naturally.

At least, that's the psychology I'm aiming for hitting ^^

17th October 2016

4:15pm: Learning to drive-
Oh hey-

I just drove to a place for the first time.

I've driven around streets for practice before, just around. Today, I went to the library. With light traffic. First time!

2nd October 2016

9:05pm: The presidential election: Burr or Jefferson?
The election between Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson is coming up.

Burr has kept his positions tight to his chest, while Jefferson has been a pretty outspoken opponent of Hamilton's policies on making a strong central government.

Burr may be a Democratic-Republican too, but he's never been an aggressive member of the party, and I think I'd prefer that to a strong anti-Federalist, so I'm leaning Burr, honestly.

What are your thoughts? Who are you supporting?

30th September 2016

2:46am: Boooo
One of my regular restaurants got rid of my fav menu item.

Now they're gonna be less regular.

I do wish there were more places that sold spicy food....

Also really glad this didn't happen when I was uber-stressing last week. Huh, I guess that recovery time was the last time I'll eat their cajun wings....

In unrelated news, went to the dentist, did have to get a crown shaved down some.

19th September 2016

4:06pm: Superpower ideas I have
Here's a couple superhero/superpower ideas I have-

The Chosen One. Her power is she's the chosen one. Of *any* prophecy or task. Yes, even if it's originally intended to be something else, she can hijack it. "Only The chosen one, who comes from the east, can defeat me..." "Well, I'm from Philly, but I'm the Chosen One, so get ready to go down!".

Teleportation, but only where they already are This superpower lets the person teleport, but only to the location they're already at.

Sounds useless? Well, imagine if you're in a jailcell. You stick your arms on the other side of the bars. You are on both sides of the cell, right? Right. So you teleport where you are and you're good to go!

Noise from behind you? You're facing the other way.

Incoming punch? Teleport so you're ducked low under it!

Wanna hit someone? Oh hey, you just teleport-rotated yourself so your overly-huge kick shot behind you is now hitting in front of you where their block isn't.

Teleportation but only where you already are.

Being very tall. This low-powered superhero has the super power of being very tall. See, they may look like they're 4'11", but they're actually tall. Very tall! They can reach stuff from the highest shelf (yes, even the stuff that's behind the other stuff. They can climb fast and jump far using their long strides. And boxing? Yeesh, it's pretty hard to fight someone who has a major reach advantage on you!

Even though they're 4'11" and their limbs don't actually extend or anything, trust me, they're very tall. It's their super power.
2:59pm: Hillary Clinton
Just so everyone knows- I am enthusiastic about voting Hillary Clinton! I am not supporting her as a second choice behind someone else, or just because her opponent is a racist strongman with horrible policies and a dangerous attitude that'd set off wars, I really do support Hillary Clinton and think she'd be great for the job, and I hope other people do too!

18th September 2016

9:08pm: The busiest of Weekends
This weekend, *every* yearly fall event I like to do decided to schedule themselves for the same weekend!

Intervention Con, Small Press Expo, Old Town Art Fair. I've had some overlap between them before, but never all three at once, and mostly just the art fair with one of the others.

Friday, InterventionCollapse )

Saturday, SPXCollapse )

Sunday, Art FairCollapse )

And that was my weekend! I'm now totally exhausted and need to spend the next few days just releasing stress chemicals, I think ^^

17th September 2016

9:11pm: I found a new kind of brain-tired
Today (and to an extent yesterday), I experienced a new kind of mental exhaustion- I could not handle questions. Even really basic stuff was kinda stressing me out.

But, like, *aside* from that I was fine (for awhile, did get tired and sink into general brain fuzz). I could think about planning my D&D campaign, socialize and talk to people, listen to stuff, and make buying decisions. From the outside, I really don't think there was any sign that I was one question away from hitting a mental brick wall.

I made the mistake of asking someone about a movie trivia game they were selling and managed to struggle through two simple movie questions.

It's weird how brain can get pinpoint exhausted.
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