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24th February 2017

4:04pm: Alien shapeshifter/infiltrator dream
I had a dream that started out as a 'fight hordes of aliens' thing but progressed into more of a story driven thing.

So to begin with, as mentioned, I was a space marine or commando or something like that. Mowing through aliens.

Then I found out the aliens were working on a plot to modify some of their number to be shapeshifters who could disguise themselves as humans, though I found out they not only had started this, but had been on the plot for awhile.

So of course, I investigated with the intent of taking them out... only to discover that they themselves had shifted their plan to *integrating* and staying human/human ish, rather than warring.

And one of their people came to me at an alien bar and said that *their* boss had started to picture that, and were planning on activating a failsafe to kill them all. So they came to me, noted alien fighter, to help stop that from happening and save all the infiltrators. I couldn't be entirely sure it was legit but... it seems right.

So along with the alien infiltrator we snuck into an alien facility to do just that & save the day.

I think we did, but that's about where the dream ends.

14th February 2017

8:37pm: Today at lunch...
My dad and I went out to eat to go to a specific place, but we got distracted by a really cool train* so we ate at a different place next to the tracks. (Afterwards we went to a book store)

That is so incredibly us ^^

Pics of the cool trainCollapse )

7th February 2017

8:54pm: Hydration
*Thinks* 'I've had enough to drink today, so I'll just have a small drink of water...'

*Picks up a pint of water... drinks the whole thing*

'Whelp, guess I was thirsty!'

I feel like I should have a *gauge* so I can tell these things easier :)

24th January 2017

2:51pm: Urban Fantasy: the Blarg
I was just at the library and saw an urban fantasy book I hadn't seen before, which looked kinda interesting (book two in the series, protag becomes a djinni), but as always with Urban Fantasy, I check the reviews for red flags.

While there doesn't seem to be creepy or dubiously consensual sex acts that's way too common (see: Anita Blake, 80% of the other ones I randomly pick up where sex is driven by whatever instincts of whatever heroine gets turn into rather than choice), it did have according to reviewers- lots of martyr complexes, men deciding things for the heroine/deciding she's better off not knowing things, the djinn thing playing out not at all how I'd like to see (in multiple ways)...

I read urban fantasy comics and can recommend some great ones (Death Vigil by Stjepan Sejic, check it out!), and have watched urban fantasy shows, but my novel pile of them is either practically nil or nil due to these sorts of problems or worse- and it's not that I mind romance, romance is a *plus* for me! I just, y'know, want the main romance to be unambiguously consensual, and I want the gender politics to be non-patronizing. I'd also like it if someone's non-human status was (1) fairly consistent and (2) not something to regularly angst about.

So urban fantasy novels? Bleh. I'll keep looking but my luck is low!

21st January 2017

6:34pm: Time-space dream and lava dream
A few nights later, I had a dream where a bunch of 'time-space' cubes landed, either left by some aliens or at least their landing observed by them. What ended up happening is several people who contacted them in each zone gained 'time-space lord' powers that gave a lot of control over large areas, able to warp space around and teleport and stuff.

It turned out the aliens didn't really know how dangerous the cubes'd be when contacted so they decided to observe us and let us take the risk, hoping that the results with us would be positive and not blow back on them too bad. So the whole thing was one real-world live fire test, basically.

Then I had a dream where I was running from lava... it was the slow oozy kinda, and each place I went, there was other people doing the same thing. It was kinda a tour of 'avoid the lava by climbing on stuff, moving through buildings, etc.' locations. First a street, then a club, a restaurant, etc..

20th January 2017

8:22pm: Star Trek dreams
I had a couple dreams in a bunch recently (before that last one I posted, actually ^^).

There was a Star Trek TNG dream where most of the cast got temporarily turned into other, often non-human. And, like, enjoyed it. I think Crusher was some kind of living branch. Worf was a small child-sized but broad alien, which he enjoyed because he could be physical without holding back and just have fun.

Anyway eventually they got back to normal and yadda yadda.

Then they had another adventure, some time later, and were trying to seal a big spacial breach or something. An energy being showed up, it was bigger than the ship and male-looking, they did some technobabble to lock it down.. and then a new equal-sized female energy body shows up and they go, "That one has a photonic core, that means it's the real being!" and the male one was just a decoy and they didn't think making a body without a core like that was possible, and then the energy being, who was me, laughs and says it's because I've spent so much time using both.

Then the dream changed and there was something about going to different time periods... but it was all part of a student film.

15th January 2017

7:13pm: Acclimation is weird!
*Two weeks ago*

"It's in the thirties! I don't want to go out even with a coat!"


"It's upper thirties... I'll go talk a walk around town! If it warms up even more I'll switch to the light coat!"

14th January 2017

9:20am: Alien Kaiju dream
I've had a couple memorable dreams recently over the last several days, and I started writing them down, but realized things were getting pretty long so I'm breaking them up between posts.

Last one first!

I had a dream where I was on an alien world checking out a base contact had been lost with, and the aliens were two warring species dubbed 'Kaiju' and 'Monsters'! Both species quite huge, the Kaiju more Godzilla like, the Monsters more ape-shaped, but both looking almost like cracked lava in different colors. They also had smaller soldier-things that I don't know if budded off as extensions of the big ones or would eventually grow big, but they used weapons and could communicate and were ruthless. Fortunately Winston-from-Overwatch was there (the only survivor of the base I think) and had been hiding out. When we showed up, I helped rescue him and take down a few of the soldiers (Winston, of course, is great to have in a fight but pretty bad at actually taking down opponents), then we launched the base's vital observation data so those offworld would know about the danger.

1st January 2017

5:13pm: The secret to job interviews....
... is to pounce before the store owner has a chance to interview anyone and short circuit things before they even get to that stage :)

Ok, so I don't actually have a new job yet, but the owner of the new chocolate shop nearby seemed quite positive on the idea and said he's going to see how much business they get in the next two weeks before deciding if he's hiring. But fingers crossed!

28th December 2016

6:37pm: Holiday Dinner
Back on Annual Gift-Giving and Family Day, after the family meal at lunchtime, I went to an LGBT dinner in the area that I'd seen online a few days before.

It was pretty fun! Everyone there was older than me, but two I sat with were pretty good for conversation. Might meet at least one of 'em again (or, if I do the event again, more ^^). Food wasn't bad either.
6:07pm: I've been looking at realestate like it's a game
Looking at realestate is actually a fun little game. "If I moved *there* I'd want to balance between proximity to that and that..." "Would I want that better house, or this cheaper house...?". In different cities ^^

I mean, the easiest answers are the ones right in the area, but I've also been looking at New Mexico (like the weather), Texas (the bigger, more liberal cities), and Atlanta Georgia (cheap places of good size). Going up north is a possibility but I'm not a super big fan of cold (was in my younger days), even if they're more aligned with me politically and I've got family there. I want Hawaii to be a possibility but, alas, none of the stuff there really balances well, if it's cheap enough to get, it's too far from anything and/or extremely crappy ^^

Also, there's the 'spot what's wrong with it' game! Where you see a cheap, good-sized place in a good location on a realestate site and try and notice what the catch is- like no interior pictures (or sometimes exterior), no shots of the bathrooms, etc..
6:07pm: I've been looking at realestate like it's a game
It's looking like the family is maybe moving from this house in a year or two, so I've been looking at places to move."

At first I did so as a way to not worry about the upcoming move, but now it's almost a game. "If I moved *there* I'd want to balance between proximity to that and that..." "Would I want that better house, or this cheaper house...?". In different cities ^^

I mean, the easiest answers are the ones right in the area, but I've also been looking at New Mexico (like the weather), Texas (the bigger, more liberal cities), and Atlanta Georgia (similar reasons). Going up north is a possibility but I'm not a super big fan of cold (was in my younger days). I want Hawaii to be a possibility but, alas, none of the stuff there really balances well, if it's cheap enough to get, it's too far from anything and/or extremely crappy ^^

23rd December 2016

3:33pm: Is your city a good place to move?
I've been looking at homes in the area (mostly townhouses) in the idea of a move in a few years.

However, I've also had my eyes roving outside the area, looking for places that offer more space for less money.

Pretty non-serious right now, but if you live in an area cheaper than Northern Virginia (I.e. most everywhere?), how's your city? Recommend it? I'm an LGBT individual, so that narrows my preferences some, but not too drastically nowadays I'd think (even, like, Texas has multiple LGBT friendly cities nowadays),

Point of honesty: I like warm climates ^^
3:28pm: Watching a Doctor Who Marathon
I'm watching a Who marathon (mostly Matt Smith stuff) on BBC US and...

You know, this is a pretty fun darn show! Not perfect, but I hadn't seen much of this era and I'm enjoying lots of it. The Ponds, River... just getting onto the Clara stuff.

Any Who fans here?

19th December 2016

5:25am: On saving the world.
You know, I don't think I can save the world.

So I'm going to continue on like someone is going to.

And along the way, keep an eye out, and help if I can.

18th December 2016

5:25pm: Weird weather
Yesterday, it was cold (early morning, 17 F. Warmed up to 30s later), wet, and I literally chipped ice off the car window's.

Today, it reached 60 and I walked around town.

Tomorrow, it's 30s.

What an odd heat surge.

Oh, and the clouds! While the wind down low wasn't bad, looking up the clouds moved *so fast*, the weather system was clearly moving.

17th December 2016

2:17pm: Starfish Story
“Young lady,” he asked, “Why are you throwing starfish into the ocean?”

“The sun is up, and the tide is going out, and if I do not throw them in they will die.”

“But young lady, do you not realize that there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it? You cannot possibly make a difference.”

The young woman listened politely, paused and then bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it into the sea, past the breaking waves, saying, “It made a difference for that one.”

— Sara and the Starfish

15th December 2016

2:56pm: Level up!
Obstacle cleared: Parallel parking (Attempts: 1/1)

Drove to Old Town, nearest space available was a parallel one with a good amount of room, gave it a shot... worked out pretty well!

Also, it is *cold*. I probably need some thicker gloves, the normal light ones I use are insufficient for a windy 25F/-3c.

5th December 2016

10:26pm: Expanding my socialness
I've decided I need more friends I interact with 1-on-1.

Right now, I do most of my socializing with non-family members online in formats like this or message boards or so on. Good stuff, but not one-on-one conversations or deeper get-to-know you stuff most of the time.

So! Given that, anyone interesting in engaging in some e-mail, text, or phone conversations with me? To get to know each other better & just have fun.

I don't know if I have anyone active on my friendslist in the Northern Virginia area anymore so face-to-face is probably out...

4th December 2016

11:55pm: Various stuff
When it's cold, different rooms of my house are warmest depending on how cold it is (due to the way the heating works). So I find myself migrating around ^^

Barnes & Noble has surprisingly good pizza pretzels. I've taken to buying two at a time because my mom keeps stealing parts ^^

Went to a new restaurant today, a Korean BBQ place. It's odd because it's like, 1/3rd set up like fast food, 1/3rd like a sitdown restaurant where you're served, and 1/3rd is bar. I don't know if it'll work (seems like the fast-food part would be the best way to make money but as they make-to-order like a sitdown it may be too slow for that), but the food was good. I'll probably hit it a few times soon while it's still around in case it doesn't last.

Also, in actual news-news, the North Dakota pipeline is being redirected! Wow!

I honestly wasn't expecting that- I'd hoped, signed petitions and such, but things seemed unlikely what with escalating response. Then it's actually happening! Go Standing Rock!

25th November 2016

11:08pm: Just Saw Moana
Saw the movie, very much loved it! Disney Animated continues to hit it out of the park, and the songs especially were fantastic- stronger than Frozen in the musical department. No single one is the 'earworm song,' there was just consistently great music.

It's got a much smaller cast than most, and I'm surprised how well that worked.

I enjoyed the end a lot.

I also like the effort they put into capturing the culture, and even hiring Polynesian voice actors- only one of the characters had a white actor, Hei Hei the Chicken, because Alan Tudyk ^^

Disney Animated continues to hit it out of the park. Even among their recent hits, I think this is one of the better ones. It's still fresh enough that it's hard for me to figure exactly where it goes in my personal ranking, but well up there! Which is impressive since I've loved every Disney animated movie since Wreck it Ralph.

I think I'll give it an A+

20th November 2016

3:11am: Wingsuit races!
Oh my blog, there exists *wingsuit races*!

As in, 'jump from an airplane, with a parachute, but also a suit with big flaps between the limbs that you steer with'.

And they have colored smoke as they fall so you can see their course! And they *bump into each other* while falling! And they fly around mid-air gates! (I think they're held their by drones?)

18th November 2016

9:55pm: Random sports
I like watching random, less-common sports on TV.

It's relaxing to see people compete in something I rarely see- like darts (which is on now), or whatever

14th November 2016

8:55pm: What to talk about...
It feels like all I've posted recently is me-driving updates and post-election vibes/support.... I'm not sure what else to post though....

Have any questions about, well, anything?
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