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23rd July 2016

6:10am: I Was a Giant Ship Person dream
I had a vivid/memorable fun dream!

In it, I was in a setting where sometimes there were giant people (such as myself), and we were sometimes sometimes attached naval-vessel shells (submarines, I think). Don't ask me the mechanical benefit of this, but it was a new thing and apparently it was made us pretty important. I think we were all either in a big space colony ship or going to be deployed on one too- aside from the naval ships we could hook up with, I had a beam-caster, a box-shapped thing with three emitters on one side. So sometimes we just fought as giants too? Or would, I don't think we'd been deployed.

Anyway, there I was standing at the dock (as in, I was in the water, where boats go, normal sized humans used the dry part), and my handler was having me hold out my arms so she could measure them. I pointed out that, you know how humans actually change height each day due to gravity compressing the joints in the spine? Well being a giant I'd *super* have that variability. She considered, then pffted it off, better to get some data down now anyway!

As I was finishing off getting measured, a mecha-pilot was walking down the mech. Someone who piloted an us-sized mecha being one of the few normal-sized humans it'd be remotely feasible to be in a relationship with, so I had a bit of a crush on this one- especially as he resembled Duo Maxwell (look him up).

We flirted a bit, I showed my beam-caster and he was impressed and said how badass we giants were in combat and that he was glad to fight alongside me, I blushed, etc., til another younger giant-girl came in, and she had some box-ish cybernetic attachments in her shoulders. We asked what they were for, and it turned out she was under the impression that giant people would drown almost immediately unless attached to a ship, and wanted the implants so she could breath underwater without being hooked up. Meanwhile, I had lowered myself into the water to suppress my laughter, since she was obviously from some world without oceans whereas I knew we could hold our breath much longer than normal-sizers since our lungs were so big.

My handler, without turning around, asked if she looked at me she'd see me grinning at the poor girl- the mecha pilot was also suppressing his reaction. I raised my mouth above water level and truthfully answered, 'No,' on the grounds that my grin was hidden by the water and thus not visible!

And that's where the dream ends. A pretty light-hearted fun one!

18th July 2016

9:24pm: Not the storm of the century
Thunderstorm warming, look at app. "Looks like we have time to go eat before it hits..."

Go out to eat with dad, someplace close. Wind picks up, "Whoa, the storm came *way* faster than expected! Let's bug out."

Bug out, get home just after it starts raining but before it gets too bad.

5 minutes of intense rain and wind (did fell a big branch on the street), then 30 minutes of gentler rain.

After, "We could've just waited that out at the restaurant!". Goes out to eat again.

15th July 2016

1:51am: Just checking
Who else here is into pokemon go?

12th July 2016

12:12am: The Webcomic Freefall
The webcomic Freefall, the story of an uplifted Wolf engineer and a conartist alien squid in a suit on a colony planet, has ended....

.... chapter 1. After 18 years of continuous updates!

Not exactly my definition of 'chapter,' but I was seriously worried recent 'story winding down' strips were leading to an end, so I'll take it. It's a very consistently good comic with a lot of smart stuff about ethics, artificial intelligence, what goes into making a colony, and similar.

3rd July 2016

7:25am: Get _Grand Central Arena_ for free!
One of my current fav book series- Which I wrote a review of.

Originally posted by seawasp at Get _Grand Central Arena_ for free!
And in two places! For a relatively short time, my epic-scale space opera Grand Central Arena is free on Kindle! And if  you want it in different formats, it's now in the Baen Free Library too!
6:44am: Library booksale pays off again- Also, Maui is awesome
6 volumes of 'Attack on Titan' XD

Two bucks a pop.

Plus a week ago I got a mythology-encyclopedia-of-the-world book, which is nice.

Oh! Speaking of which, anyone else looking forward to Disney's Moana? I've been looking up 'Maui' and he's got quite a resume! Slowed down the sun to make days a reasonable length. Pushed up the sky so we don't have to duck when we're walking at high places. You'd think more history books would include important infrastructure projects like that!

Even died trying to get *everyone* immortality in one version. I respect that in a demigod.

22nd June 2016

11:23pm: C-Span Has Gone Rogue
C-Span has gone rogue and is now showing an illicit pirate broadcast of the House floor, covering the Democrats- lead by civil rights hero John Lewis- conduct a sit-in over guns' rights legislation!

It may be political theater, but the Democrats really are fighting hard to shred every bit of the Republican's credibility.

4th June 2016

1:45am: The Dagger of Tutankhamun
What do Terry Pratchett and King Tutankhamun have in common?

They both had meteorite-metal blades!

Ancient egyptian meteorite dagger is an incredibly cool thing.

3rd June 2016

9:39pm: Land Snail Attack

Madagascar Land Snail. Nasty way to go.

31st May 2016

8:52pm: Ninja Warrior is *really* fun
So for the last few days 'American Ninja Warrior's been on marathon on TV...

And it's such a fun show! Not only is it impressive, watching it, it sinks in just how *positive* a competition it is. It's competitor vs course, not each other. Someone can fall on the first article and get a cheer for effort. Competitors seem really supportive of each other. Heck, even at the final-final of stage 4, one of the times when two were effectively head-to-head since only the faster time won the *million dollar prize*, the person who made it first still cheered when this time was beaten.

Plus, it really is just fun to watch athletes these impressive at work.

Ninja Warrior, Sasuke, whatever, it's good stuff.

20th May 2016

4:59am: What I *really* want
Today's my birthday, and I bet it'll be a good one, but I can be pretty darn sure I won't get what I really want, what I always want:

A pair of henchpeople who'll respond to whatever theme names I come up with, Batman '66 style.

"Tick! Tock! Get them!"

"Pepper! Salt! Do your thing!"

"Bird-hipped dinosaur, lizard-hipped dinosaur! Let's show them what paleontology is really about!"


Maybe some day....

19th May 2016

8:05am: So, the Tetris movie
There's going to be a Tetris movie, it's going to have an 80 million budget, and... it's planned to be part of a trilogy.

Does anybody here understand that? Or can figure out what it'd actual be about?

16th May 2016

7:54am: Dream not-remembered
I had a dream last night, and I don't really remember all what happened in it, but I *did* write down some words from what I could remember . So feel free to speculate!

Dystopian society. Don't remember much except it had a very plastic-y feel with very lousy pop culture! Like the movie titles seemed like crappy parodies of bad movie titles.

Captain America, Bucky, and... Green Lantern.

Runelords (there are Liches from Pathfinder. I think it involved being friendly with them?)

Also, I do remember they blended into each other. Like the heroes tackled their way into a castle/lab which had a Runelord and... that's about it for remembering ^^

15th May 2016

11:36pm: Sumo match of the Century
The Sumo Match of the Century

There was just a big Sumo match between one of the most dominant sumo of all time- and 538 did an analysis comparing him to one of the history great, and getting into his latest match, which was won with a not-so-popular move.

Video of the tournament, match at 13:00

History of Sumo champion win records in timeline form

I found the statistical history of sumo to be interesting stuff!

13th May 2016

2:47am: Blagh, and various stuff
Went, "Hm, I've been feeling a little off, I think I need more sun. I know, I'll spend more of the day outside!"

*Completely overcast day*

Not a lot of help, sky!

And I may or may not be getting involved in yet-a-third pathfinder/D&D game, which is nice.

Oh, I mentioned my library booksale, right?

Just snagged another book there- a collection of Unshelved, the library online comic.

Finding completely unexpected stuff is one of the big perks.

And at the one remaining local used book store I found a big SF encyclopedia thing which is fun.

Also scouted a more distant used book store, which had a lot of books, though I didn't find anything the first time out.

3rd May 2016

10:17pm: Klassalka, Savage Technologist Merfolk Barbarian
I'm starting a new D&D/Pathfinder game.

No, not the Pathfinder game I started in March. And don't worry, that one's still going on too :) Still fairly early, but we're starting to get into a groove, and after fighting a tough undead (DR 5 at level 1, ugh!) and a mad sorcerer, plus some cave beasties and some RP stuff, we're most of the way to level 2!

The new one is a Distant Worlds game (the sourcebook I mentioned here, and as-of then the game was in the works). Where we'll start on the normal Pathfinder World of Golarian, but following the notes of a friend-of-the-family (well, friend of several families), Professor Petros Lorrimor, who just died, we'll soon enough be whisked off to another world!

And I'm playing a Merfolk. A Merfolk Barbarian. With a two-handed sword and, hopefully soon enough, a gun :)

Klassalka Hulh, Merfolk Barbarian"s sheet beneath cutCollapse )

It was *super* hard to find any mermaid pics to fit the concept, and I changed her haircolor to fit the first/best one I found ^^

Not her exactly- river mermaids don't run into a lot of sharks and Klassalka is bulkier- but is a style she would totally approve of

Another properly ripped mer pic

While my last character, Tessa Bot, being an android had some metal in her, Klassalka Hulh is metal in an entirely different sense ^^

21st April 2016

9:48am: 'Nother Used Book Store Closed
Some months ago I posted about a used book store I went to reasonably often closing.

Well I found out another used book store I visit closed! I didn't hit this one as often- it was pretty hard to move around in (boxes everywhere) and turnover seemed low, but it was closer than the other closed one. Not surprising in one sense considering the apparent lack of organization in parts (said boxes. My mom nicknamed it the 'firetrap!') and relatively low book turnover, but somewhat surprising in the sense it was in a super low rent area ^^ I'd bought a few books there, but not a lot.

Anyway, now there's only one used bookstore in convenient reach of me (better organized, gets more books often)- though I'm investigating one further out. Oh, and my Library booksale is so big it pretty much counts ^^

11th April 2016

9:35pm: Book Echo: Pathfinder Distant Worlds
Being into the D&D offshoot Pathfinder, some months back I ordered a book called 'Distant Worlds'.

It's basically D&D... in a star system, with a Mars-esque world that pays homage to John Carter, a Venutian world full of jungles, aliens, and elves, a dead world full of liches, a world that got blown up and now people live between the rubble, even inhabited gas giants (with inhabited moons) and a bizarre ship world, and the last world in the system: A *living* planet inhabited by lovecraft beasties. Seriously, this book is chalk full of ideas. And it's all fluff, only a tiny bit of rules stuff.

If 'fantasy in space' strikes your fancy as a game book, it's seriously A+ material. You gotta do some legwork on the actual rules and stuff, so maybe A... but good book, in short.

Anyway, when I ordered it at first, it got mis-shipped or whatever (tracking said it'd arrived, but it didn't). I told the shipper, they sent me a replacement, I loved it. That was, like, 3, 3 and a half months ago or such.

Yesterday I rustled up enough people- and a DM- to start a Distant Worlds game.

Today the original shipped book arrived ^^;

I checked the tracking information on it and the system acts like it just *appeared* 3 days ago, and not from the location I recall it vanishing from.

It's actually in better shape than my current copy (did a fair amount of reading o that one), and I do wonder if someone in the group might want to buy one... but talk about timing!

3rd April 2016

9:19pm: Why Human Do the Thing
My favorite animal-info tumblr, Why Animals Do the Thing, did an April Fools special, Why Humans Do the Thing, which tries to help understand human behaviors without miscontextualizing them in Bird or other species contexts, and then moved it to it's own blog because the response was so positive :)

So, if you've ever wonder why humans migrate not in line with magnetic sense, check it out!

29th March 2016

5:02pm: Rawr: Reign of the Lystrosaur
Rawr! Dinosaur Friends tackles the topic of the most successful vertebrate of all time.

The Reign of the LystrosaurusCollapse )

Comics by Hannah McGill of Rawr! Dinosaur Friends

19th March 2016

10:13pm: Starting a new D&D game!
Or, well, Pathfinder, rather.

After my long-running Naruto game I was GMing petered out, and my Strike Legion game barely got off the ground, I'm returning to the circle as a player, in Pathfinder's Wrath of the Righteous campaign, a mythic-scale game where we join in on a quest to fight the Worldwound, a hole in the world demons come out of.

I'm playing the party Healbot, Tessa Bot, Cleric of Sarenrae, and Android.

I... may have taken the phrase 'healbot' a bit literally ^^

And yes, Golarion has androids- Numeria, a region right next to the location Wrath is set, had a spaceship crash and occasionally it churns out a very human-like android. what they look like

Tessa Bot, Cleric of Sarenrae, character sheetCollapse )

15th March 2016

12:00am: Zootopia
I saw, and really liked this flick!

Disney animation studios has been on a role, and the IMO biggest reason for that is here in full force- namely, personal chemistry. The two main characters work really well together, I enjoyed them simply playing off each other, before getting into the (solid) plot itself.

I'll skip most of the plot because spoilers, save that it tackles issues like prejudice in a well-done and organic way, in a plot which is also really fun, the jokes regularly land dead-on.

Zootopia tells it's story in the fantastically realized and thoroughly designed city/world. Normally I don't see the need for CG films to go *that* heavy on the budget- The Good Dinosaur famously spent an incredible amount of effort on the scenary that I can't see affecting the box office take much- but here, where it goes is pretty obvious, the design and construction of a multi-level city where citizens of many different sizes exist and have structures built to them. In multiple climates. With each animal type faithfully rendered.

I do think this is the first animal movie I've seen that plays with scale to this extent. It's not all one size, or even 'big animals and small animals,' but really varied. Rather liked it. And the writing reflected the world-building too.

The movies gotten pretty universally good reviews, and I'll add to the pile. A+. Recommend for most everyone, good humor, plot, characters, and great world wrapped in one package.

5th March 2016

2:52pm: My thoughts on the primary campaigns
1) I am following things pretty closely. Even for the party I don't like, I follow the tactical maneuverings and such with interest, purely in a game sense. I read FiveThirtyEight a lot ^^

2) Personally, I support Hillary. I *like* Sanders and some of his ideas, but ultimately he's pretty narrowly focused, some of the areas he doesn't get he's got some pretty weird ideas on that wouldn't be good, and Hillary's been lifting his good ideas and applying some of her experience to them (i.e. her wallstreet plan is actually more comprehensive). I can explain why more if people are curious, but I'm not driven to go into it. So, both Democrats are people I like, but pretty solidly on team Hillary here. Interestingly on the tactical front, Bernie's presence probably helped push Hillary to be a bit more popularist in her approach (talking more on wallstreet and such), which better situates the Democrat side against Trump.

3) I think a lot of the drama of the primary cycle has decreased, statistically speaking. Both races have passed points where one winner looks quite likely (On the Democrat side, due to good play on both sides that's broken one way demographically/having a wider base. On the Republican side, because they have strategies that could work to make things tougher but have decided not to use them because, I dunno, sense is for Democrats?).

4) Every candidate on the Republican side is, IMO, one shade of horrible or another, to varying extents. Even Rubio is a tea partier who has failed to motivate even moderate Republicans for good reason. The amount that could be said on the big names could go on for some time, but I assume you've heard it, so I'll skip, again unless asked.

5) Get out and vote! It matters for the rights of a lot of people. It matters for the prosperity of a lot of people. Voting matters, and the more one-sided this is in the direction of not hating people for who they are, the better.

6) If you're not in the US, voting is also good.

3rd March 2016

3:26pm: My comic pull list
General comics thing- It seems like it's been an extended time since the two Sonic comics have shown up, one of the two ongoing Transformers books is delayed til next week, the Transformers Mini Last Stand of the Wreckers has it's next issue delayed til May, Lazarus is on storyline hiatus til May, Switch got delayed til the 30th of march, Atomic Robo is on normal storyline break, and Pacific Rim Tales from the Drift isn't coming out for at least another week maybe more.

In the last two week, I think Fred Perry's Gold Digger and Transformers exRiD are the only comics to show up, and of the rest, only one more is expected in the next two weeks. I have a 10 comic pull list, this should not be happening!

I guess that's one of the disadvantages of an all-indie pull list- sometimes the delays and off weeks all just line up. (Still, it almost never happens with the Sonic ones, so I'm curious there...)


20th February 2016

2:12am: Video game con pondering
Magfest is a large but very nearby video game con this weekend.

I've had fun at this con in the past, but I just hit a con last week, and my con batteries haven't been recharged... or my wallet... it'd be sooo much easier if they just spaced things out... especially since the number of cons in the area has decreased in recent years.

Blarge, I think I'll skip.
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