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25th August 2016

3:37pm: Hm, the benefits of a down-mood
Ok, so my last few posts have been about a down mood I've been in.

So last night I was still kinda in it, so I decided to go through some old stuff figuring I'd be in a mood to toss it rather than get distracted looking through each thing.

So, cleared several gigs worth of stuff from my harddrive (including some folders of to-be-storted stuff on the grounds of, 'If I haven't finished sorting it by now, I obviously don't care *that* much'), and a pile of magazines I should've gotten rid of ages ago.

And on top of that? Found some old art I'd never put online.

Which is.... really quite productive and useful.

Huh, I must consider the positive benefits of a sad...

24th August 2016

5:19am: Inverted Bestiary
Robin Latkovich's Inverted Bestiary

The Inverted Bestiary! I think a number of you will like this one ^^ The reverse medusa is my favorite!

21st August 2016

10:51pm: My brain is full of sad-juice
Ugh, my brain is full of sad-juice.

In that for a few days now it's wanted to stay in more melancholy, sadder mods. Dunno if it's from overdoing some things (I suspect that doing a lot of pokemon go may use up some of my brain's chemicals, I find I get into 'down' moods when I overdo it), a limit on types of info I've been taking in (by chance, my read-piles' mostly been the same stuff for about half a week, waiting for more to come out, and I've mostly just been watching Olympics), or simple things like just not enough light or unbalanced diet.

So I'm enacting system maintenance procedures- lights on full in all the rooms I'm using (also, looking at/near bright lights helps, I find), staying hydrated and fed with good nutrition stuff *especially* fruits/vegies, etc..

On the bright side, since I'm rarely in the mood for sad stuff, this has given me the chance to catch up on it... which, granted, may compound things ^^

It's not bad to be sad, just a different side of emotions.
1:27am: Deep stuff
I'm just gonna write some of my insecurities here, feel free to skip

Stuff withinCollapse )

This post brought to you by reading sad stories on tumblr ^^

19th August 2016

6:11am: Oh, I think I met a racoon!
So there I was, in a late night/early morning walk, when I heard a growl. It was dark (full moon, some streetlights not too far away, and I think maybe some early morning light, but also trees and plants).

I froze. I looked, and saw a shadow. Someone's dog got out? No, too small- fox? No, wrong sound. It growled again, and I skipped sideways (that being the most convenient 'away' direction on the road) and it backed up at the same time.

As I kept moving sideways- better to not disturb it more than needed, even though I was also quite sure it wasn't following- I mentally processed it more, and figured between the low-sounding growl and the short-but-wide form of the shadow (dark enough I really saw nothing but some of the outline), it was probably a racoon!

So we went out separate ways and I pondered that's the first time I've seen a live racoon since I've moved here!

15th August 2016

1:40am: You know...
I thought Hillary could probably win this election with the GOP's chronic problems and their possible candidates and the various weaknesses thereof.

I really didn't anticipate it'd shape up to be a race as one-sided as *this* has been going so far!

10th August 2016

11:51am: I really like Rugby Sevens in the Olympics
One thing I regularly enjoy in the Olympics is the minor and new sports.

And then they do Rugby which, ok, I've seen before... but it's Rugby *Sevens*, which is like normal Rugby but it only has two 7 minute periods so it's, like, super fast, and I didn't realize how much I'd enjoy a team sport that's only 15 minutes long til I saw it.

And they still do that thing where they lift each other up to grab the ball higher, which is fun ^^

3rd August 2016

6:46pm: I have a weird life
Go out for pokemon go, end up getting into a discussion with a stranger about banking regulation.

I suspect I am the weird one...

2nd August 2016

8:00pm: Con Conundrum
Conundrum: Intervention Con (intervention is supposed to stand for 'internet convention' to begin with but unless I use the redundant con it just sounds weird ^^) is coming up next month... as is Small Press Expo.

On the same weekend, 16-17-18 v 17-18.

Ironically this happened on Intervention's first year, but I didn't go to SPX at that point.

Now, the cons are near each other, close enough I could possibly go from one to another, but that'd involve a lot more running back and forth.

Intervention con was less-good last year than prior, but this year the guest list looks to have rebounded somewhat (Shaenon Garrity is there, and she has *great* panels), and I have high hopes for the panels. Small Press Expo doesn't have nearly as much panels so it only takes up a day to do the big dealer's room, but it'd be better to do it the first day of that one, which is right in the middle of Intervention...

I'm pretty torn!

29th July 2016

6:48pm: Ghostbusters '16
Just came back from Ghostbusters. That was a lot better than I expected!

The reviews were mixed so I went in expecting 'some good, with flaws,' and ended up pleasantly surprised.

My dad liked it a lot too.

27th July 2016

3:19am: Now that's a fun game
I'm playing a game called 'wait for a book to be placed for a non-ridiculous price on Amazon marketplace.'

There's a Pathfinder book I've wanted for awhile. Missed a chance to get a beat-up copy for cheap, then all the copies were up in 70-80 for awhile (actually out-of-print, so not as ridiculous as some, but still too much for my choice). Finally someone placed it less than that... then a day later another seller matched the price minus one center, then next day two more a bit lower, and so now I've got four pricing algorithms fighting over the price and I just watch 'em inch down til someone buys a copy.

23rd July 2016

6:10am: I Was a Giant Ship Person dream
I had a vivid/memorable fun dream!

In it, I was in a setting where sometimes there were giant people (such as myself), and we were sometimes sometimes attached naval-vessel shells (submarines, I think). Don't ask me the mechanical benefit of this, but it was a new thing and apparently it was made us pretty important. I think we were all either in a big space colony ship or going to be deployed on one too- aside from the naval ships we could hook up with, I had a beam-caster, a box-shapped thing with three emitters on one side. So sometimes we just fought as giants too? Or would, I don't think we'd been deployed.

Anyway, there I was standing at the dock (as in, I was in the water, where boats go, normal sized humans used the dry part), and my handler was having me hold out my arms so she could measure them. I pointed out that, you know how humans actually change height each day due to gravity compressing the joints in the spine? Well being a giant I'd *super* have that variability. She considered, then pffted it off, better to get some data down now anyway!

As I was finishing off getting measured, a mecha-pilot was walking down the mech. Someone who piloted an us-sized mecha being one of the few normal-sized humans it'd be remotely feasible to be in a relationship with, so I had a bit of a crush on this one- especially as he resembled Duo Maxwell (look him up).

We flirted a bit, I showed my beam-caster and he was impressed and said how badass we giants were in combat and that he was glad to fight alongside me, I blushed, etc., til another younger giant-girl came in, and she had some box-ish cybernetic attachments in her shoulders. We asked what they were for, and it turned out she was under the impression that giant people would drown almost immediately unless attached to a ship, and wanted the implants so she could breath underwater without being hooked up. Meanwhile, I had lowered myself into the water to suppress my laughter, since she was obviously from some world without oceans whereas I knew we could hold our breath much longer than normal-sizers since our lungs were so big.

My handler, without turning around, asked if she looked at me she'd see me grinning at the poor girl- the mecha pilot was also suppressing his reaction. I raised my mouth above water level and truthfully answered, 'No,' on the grounds that my grin was hidden by the water and thus not visible!

And that's where the dream ends. A pretty light-hearted fun one!

18th July 2016

9:24pm: Not the storm of the century
Thunderstorm warming, look at app. "Looks like we have time to go eat before it hits..."

Go out to eat with dad, someplace close. Wind picks up, "Whoa, the storm came *way* faster than expected! Let's bug out."

Bug out, get home just after it starts raining but before it gets too bad.

5 minutes of intense rain and wind (did fell a big branch on the street), then 30 minutes of gentler rain.

After, "We could've just waited that out at the restaurant!". Goes out to eat again.

15th July 2016

1:51am: Just checking
Who else here is into pokemon go?

12th July 2016

12:12am: The Webcomic Freefall
The webcomic Freefall, the story of an uplifted Wolf engineer and a conartist alien squid in a suit on a colony planet, has ended....

.... chapter 1. After 18 years of continuous updates!

Not exactly my definition of 'chapter,' but I was seriously worried recent 'story winding down' strips were leading to an end, so I'll take it. It's a very consistently good comic with a lot of smart stuff about ethics, artificial intelligence, what goes into making a colony, and similar.

3rd July 2016

7:25am: Get _Grand Central Arena_ for free!
One of my current fav book series- Which I wrote a review of.

Originally posted by seawasp at Get _Grand Central Arena_ for free!
And in two places! For a relatively short time, my epic-scale space opera Grand Central Arena is free on Kindle! And if  you want it in different formats, it's now in the Baen Free Library too!
6:44am: Library booksale pays off again- Also, Maui is awesome
6 volumes of 'Attack on Titan' XD

Two bucks a pop.

Plus a week ago I got a mythology-encyclopedia-of-the-world book, which is nice.

Oh! Speaking of which, anyone else looking forward to Disney's Moana? I've been looking up 'Maui' and he's got quite a resume! Slowed down the sun to make days a reasonable length. Pushed up the sky so we don't have to duck when we're walking at high places. You'd think more history books would include important infrastructure projects like that!

Even died trying to get *everyone* immortality in one version. I respect that in a demigod.

22nd June 2016

11:23pm: C-Span Has Gone Rogue
C-Span has gone rogue and is now showing an illicit pirate broadcast of the House floor, covering the Democrats- lead by civil rights hero John Lewis- conduct a sit-in over guns' rights legislation!

It may be political theater, but the Democrats really are fighting hard to shred every bit of the Republican's credibility.

4th June 2016

1:45am: The Dagger of Tutankhamun
What do Terry Pratchett and King Tutankhamun have in common?

They both had meteorite-metal blades!

Ancient egyptian meteorite dagger is an incredibly cool thing.

3rd June 2016

9:39pm: Land Snail Attack

Madagascar Land Snail. Nasty way to go.

31st May 2016

8:52pm: Ninja Warrior is *really* fun
So for the last few days 'American Ninja Warrior's been on marathon on TV...

And it's such a fun show! Not only is it impressive, watching it, it sinks in just how *positive* a competition it is. It's competitor vs course, not each other. Someone can fall on the first article and get a cheer for effort. Competitors seem really supportive of each other. Heck, even at the final-final of stage 4, one of the times when two were effectively head-to-head since only the faster time won the *million dollar prize*, the person who made it first still cheered when this time was beaten.

Plus, it really is just fun to watch athletes these impressive at work.

Ninja Warrior, Sasuke, whatever, it's good stuff.

20th May 2016

4:59am: What I *really* want
Today's my birthday, and I bet it'll be a good one, but I can be pretty darn sure I won't get what I really want, what I always want:

A pair of henchpeople who'll respond to whatever theme names I come up with, Batman '66 style.

"Tick! Tock! Get them!"

"Pepper! Salt! Do your thing!"

"Bird-hipped dinosaur, lizard-hipped dinosaur! Let's show them what paleontology is really about!"


Maybe some day....

19th May 2016

8:05am: So, the Tetris movie
There's going to be a Tetris movie, it's going to have an 80 million budget, and... it's planned to be part of a trilogy.

Does anybody here understand that? Or can figure out what it'd actual be about?

16th May 2016

7:54am: Dream not-remembered
I had a dream last night, and I don't really remember all what happened in it, but I *did* write down some words from what I could remember . So feel free to speculate!

Dystopian society. Don't remember much except it had a very plastic-y feel with very lousy pop culture! Like the movie titles seemed like crappy parodies of bad movie titles.

Captain America, Bucky, and... Green Lantern.

Runelords (there are Liches from Pathfinder. I think it involved being friendly with them?)

Also, I do remember they blended into each other. Like the heroes tackled their way into a castle/lab which had a Runelord and... that's about it for remembering ^^

15th May 2016

11:36pm: Sumo match of the Century
The Sumo Match of the Century

There was just a big Sumo match between one of the most dominant sumo of all time- and 538 did an analysis comparing him to one of the history great, and getting into his latest match, which was won with a not-so-popular move.

Video of the tournament, match at 13:00

History of Sumo champion win records in timeline form

I found the statistical history of sumo to be interesting stuff!
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